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Specialists in Antique Fireplaces
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Fitting. With over 30 years of experience in fitting all types of fires and surrounds, we assure an expert fitting. When you have selected your fireplace we will deliver it to your door, prepare your chimney and brickwork and fit the fireplace to a high standard.

National and International Delivery 

 We can restore your fireplace in your own home! So you like your fireplace, but it has lost its originality. You may want it to have a simple polish, repair it or give it a full restoration back to its original glory. Whatever you require, we have the knowledge and tools to restore any type of fireplaces to a high standard in your own home. We can supply fire bars, canopies and grates if needed to complete the restoration.

Original Fireplace recovery – Boarded up fireplaces can be revealed, restored and refitted to their former glory.

Restoration Process - A rusty fireplace is first of all placed into our corrosive acid tank and stripped back to the underlying material. It might then be welded in places in order to repair cracks or to fix parts back together. It may then be grinded and polished using high speed grinders. Following this process a protective primer is sprayed onto the fireplace followed by an undercoat and finally a matt, satin or original black lead polish. From start to finish this can take between 3 days and 3 weeks depending upon the amount of work required and the amount of time it needs to be soaking in acid.